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I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.

Miss Behave
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Kelly. geeky neurotic tea-and-coffee-guzzling chopstick & fountain pen wielding literature addict student with an MA in Procrastination. native speaker of dutch. adores the english language. has also studied french, german and italian. titanic buff. rabid fangirl. believes in spirits and magic. lapsed Christian. avidly supports gay and lesbian rights.

she is not very talkative unless she's in the company of (good) friends. she never was a good public speaker and is not intending to become one overnight. her muse refused to help her write this bit of autobiographical nonsense so blame said muse if it sounds utterly boring.

"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." (Oscar Wilde)

c o n t a c t

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tv // Being Human. Blackadder. Bones. Boston Legal. Castle. Charmed. Doctor Who. Dukes of Hazzard. Firefly. Glee. House. Mad Men. M*A*S*H. Merlin. Mythbusters. Sherlock Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Star Trek: TOS & DS9. The Big Bang Theory. The Ghost & Mrs Muir. Thunderbirds Top Gear. Torchwood. True Blood. X-Files.

movies // Alien vs Predator. Back to the Future. The Commitments. Corpse Bride & lots of other Tim Burton movies. The Dark Knight. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Harry Potter. Inception. Iron Man. Iron Man 2. Lord of the Rings. Pirates of the Caribbean. ¨Predators. Serenity. Sherlock Holmes. Star Trek IV. Star Trek. Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Titanic. Tron.

manga & anime // Death Note. Fullmetal Alchemist. Spirited Away.

games // Bioshock 2. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Final Fantasy XIII.

music // Tori Amos. The Beatles. Beethoven. Billie Holiday. Bloc Party. Johnny Cash. Chopin. Coldplay. The Corrs. Death Cab For Cutie. Evanescence. Flogging Molly. Florence and the Machine. Gaelic Storm. Garbage. Michael Jackson. Loreena McKennitt. Alanis Morissette. Mozart. My Chemical Romance. Kate Nash. Scissor Sisters. Within Temptation ... & lots of other stuff.

literature // Jane Austen. The Brontë sisters. Douglas Coupland. Roddy Doyle. Neil Gaiman. Haruki Murakami. Edgar Allan Poe. Terry Pratchett. Anne Rice. Christina Rossetti. J.K. Rowling. J.R.R. Tolkien. Oscar Wilde.

people // Alan Alda. Thomas Andrews. John Barrowman. Tim Burton. James Cameron. Johnny Depp. Leonardo DiCaprio. Robert Downey Jr. Nathan Fillion. Stephen Fry. Victor Garber. Summer Glau. Bradley James. Jude Law. Heath Ledger. Katie McGrath. Colin Morgan. Robert Patrick. Billie Piper. Zachary Quinto. Alan Rickman. William Shatner. John Simm. Matt Smith. David Tennant. Joss Whedon. Kate Winslet.
This is my personal journal. I mostly ramble about my so-called life and my fandoms.

if you want to friend me, add me first and please leave a comment in which you explain why you want to friend me. it'd be nice if we shared some interests. FYI, I hate it when people add others just to make their friends list look bigger.

when I friend someone, I try and keep up with their entries on a (more or less) regular basis, so if you add me, I expect you'll do (more or less) the same.
speaker's corner
"What to say about Kelly....Well....there isn't enough time to describe how awesome she is. You can talk to her about anything. She is funny, creative, smart, creative, ummm....creative? She makes some of THE BEST wallpapers and icons ever. She is also a VERY dedicated member of the AAPFA. This is someone you should really get to know!"

"Kelly has shown me that there is more to Belgium than waffles. Albeit, tasty waffles at that. Actually, Kelly rather amazes me sometimes with her multi-faceted linguistic skills and the fact that I sometimes think believe that she speaks English better than some people (and native speakers) I know. She is, accordingly, very intelligent and on a continued quest of knowledge... Even if it is to learn about the paper cut you got that day because that is just how much she cares about her friends.

Interesting and interested – that is Kelly."

"I've only known Kelly for a short period of time, but during that time I've come to realize how lucky I am to have her as a friend. It's a truly amazing thing to know someone who understands you and whom you can relate to, who is a supportive, kind and understanding person, and who has a deep respect for Titanic, her legacy and her builder. In addition, Kelly is amazingly talented, with art as well as words, and is a joy to have as a friend.

One word sums it up, really: incredible."

"Kelly is so much more amazing than simple words can discribe but I shall give it a go. Her intrests are varied, her posts always though provoking and enlightening but above all she is a really great person to know. No matter what is happening in a persons life kelly has the right words to type to make them laugh or pick them up, in a number of languages.Smart, intellegent, fantastic sence of humour and talented at whatever medium so turns her hand to. A true friend indeed and I am so glad we met on Live journal, I only wish some day we get to meet face to face.

In Short Kelly Rocks."

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